Have you ever tried playing your favorite casino game on your mobile device? If you haven't, this article is for you. As more and more people commute for work and entertainment, game developers and online casinos such as real-olinecasino have begun rolling out mobile-friendly games. Online gambling is now even on your phone!

Which Online Game Do You Prefer?

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of mobile friendly games. There are downloadable games that you can install on your mobile device. Clear up space on your phone and get that game on your iPhone or Android device. Beware of the viruses though. Also ensure that you have the right software for your downloadable game.

Many online casinos and their games however don't need to be installed at all. Simply type the URL of the casino, and you will be taken to the casino site. Click the game that you want to play and it will open up on your device. This is HTML5 technology at play for you.

Playing From Anywhere

Not just that, take your Starburst, Roulette or just any other game with you. Play your slot while in office, in your car or while you are waiting for someone. Never lose any important update while traveling. Almost every mobile-based game is supported by all the major browsers such as Chrome, Edge or Safari.

Some game studios specialize in the production of mobile-based games. A few years back, gambling on phones was considered 'uncool'. But thanks to the technological innovations by companies like Apple and Samsung, your phone gives the same gambling experience as your desktop or laptop. You will never miss out on the fun quotient at all.

Available Casino Games

Online slots are and will always remain popular among the gambling community. Play Starburst, Gonzo's Quest and other chartbusters on your Android and iPhone. Basically, there are two kinds of slots- Classic and Video. Video slots have a wide mass appeal due to the use of musical themes and sound effects that make the game fun.

Video slots are quite like Classic slots. The classic slots replicate earlier casino games that were popular on brick and mortar casinos. For example, you can find your favorite musical classic slot game in your mobile phone but with a twist. It comes with a different theme and high paying potential for you.

Play Roulette on your Mobile Phone

Inveterate gamblers like you should try out mobile Roulette on your phone. This table based game is played on a revolving wheel divided into several numbered sections from 0 to 36. The game starts by revolving this wheel and dropping a ball on it. Players are required to lay bets on the numbers on which the ball would stop.

You can lay several kinds of bets in this extremely fast paced game. Some of those are Inside and Outside bets, High and Low bets, Odd versus Even bets, Corner bets, Red and Black bets, and so on. Each of these bets has a different odds and payout. Playing virtual Roulette on your mobile device is fun and quite rewarding.

Other Related Games

Another highly popular game to be played on your phone is Blackjack. In this card based game, players have to beat the dealer by having a hand total of 21 or less. At the same time, players have to avoid going bust, meaning their hand total can't exceed 21. To win, players can Hit, Stand, Surrender, Double Down or Split.

Bingo is played between friends and strangers and in this board game, players have to get the right letter combinations horizontally, vertically or diagonally. There are other games too that you can play for real money. These are jackpots and progressive jackpots, poker, video poker, keno, and others. Some online casinos also offer live games as well.